Clean up resources

We will take the following steps to delete the resources we created in this exercise.

Delete EC2 instance

  1. Access the EC2 service administration interface
  2. Click Instances.
  3. Click both Windows EC2 Instance.
  4. Click Instance state.
  5. Click Terminate instance, then click Terminate to confirm.

Delete IAM Role

  1. Access the IAM service administration interface
  2. Click Roles.
  3. In the search box, enter Windows-Lab-SSM-Role.
  4. Click to select Windows-Lab-SSM-Role.
  5. Click Delete, then enter the role name Windows-Lab-SSM-Role and click Delete to delete the role.

Remove VPC

  1. Access to the VPC service administration interface
  • Click Your VPCs.
  • Click to select windows-lab-ssm-vpc.
  • Click Actions.
  • Click Delete VPC.
  1. In the confirm box, enter delete to confirm, click Delete to delete windows-lab-ssm-vpc and related resources.